Problems with XP Redo

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Mar 19, 2009
  1. My friend has a Gateway Machine, Windows XP Home, Pentium D some or other CPU, 2GB Memory, 250GB SATAHDD, Geforce 7xxx PCIE 256MB

    Sorry I can't be more detailed on the specs, but it isn't my machine.

    He was having issues with the machine randomly rebooting on him, such as while doing watching a video on YouTube, for example.

    I suggested a Reformat/Reinstall. Even if It doesn't solve the problem, it can't hurt - never been done -and my friend was OK with losing all his data, I even offered to backup for him.

    Anyhoo, I booted to the Windows disc, made a new partition, and formatted with NTFS standard. This all went well and after the Initial setup and the 15 seconds reboot, I let the machine boot to the HDD, like you're supposed to.

    At this point the screen just goes blank. No "Windows XP" Splash screen, nothing. Tried several reboots. Tried reformatting with "Quick" format. Still no luck.

    Here's some facts:
    The machine has a 250GB HDD, but windows was only allowing a maximum partition of 131,070MB (131 GB, right?)

    About 1 year ago, my friend added more memory, 2 sticks of 512. I suspect crappy RAM going bad perhaps.

    Any ideas on how I can get my friend up and running again? Or his this computer ready for the dumpster? Help!

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  3. flyboy1

    flyboy1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah I tried simply deleting the old partition and then installing on the UnPar. space. Didn't help. Thanks for the guide though, i'll check it out.
  4. kimsland

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    Wow you tried that too.

    Well at least you know it's hardware now ;)

    You could give it one more try after you read the guide though

    Either way Good Luck :wave:

    You could run Memtest on your Ram
  5. flyboy1

    flyboy1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I instructed my friend to yank the "new" RAM and then try to boot the machine. I'll get back with ya'll. Thanks

  6. herr5407

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    I once tried fixing a friends computer that was rebooting by itself.

    Turns out it was the power plug in the wall had a short or something. Would fluctuate in voltage causing the computer to reboot.

    Pull all the RAM and run memtest on each individual stick. If that checks out, leave only a single stick in and remove all boards that aren't required for basic operation.

    Sometimes random reboot can signal bad PS. You can get a multimeter and use it to measure the voltage on the main plug as well
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