Processor fan starts but stops and computer wont turn on

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hey all, im new to the forum but i have a problem. My computer is an e-machines and is about a year old and for the past maybe 6 months ill turn it on and all the fans start up but the processor fan stops and then it wont boot up. Normally i just keep turning it on and off and it will eventually rev up really high and then slow down and then be fine adn work ok. Now its not doing anything, Just over and over turns on and then turns off while both other fans stay running. Power supply seems to be working properly. Doesnt make any noise and i have power everywhere. Any ideas? Thanks


CPU fans in 1 year old machines don't go "dead". What concerns me is that it takes it's power off the motherboard header. There's a better than average possibility that the 3.3V in the PSU is toast. I also know for a fact that the motherboards in those things are garbage and it's very common to see a dead eMachines motherboard demonstrate an almost identical set of symptoms.

In fact, with an Emachines, the most common problem they have is their motherboards. Someone needs to kick Acer in the tush and tell them to get on the ball and change the board.


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I have not known a person owning an Emachine that didn't have to get a new power supply at one point. But its true, it could be the motherboard too.
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