Processor? MB? What?

By insanewhitekid
Nov 17, 2009
  1. Okay, hello and thank you for reading my post. I previously had a gigabyte ma-770 with my AMD 9950 BE. Idle temperature was about 30 C. Now with my new Gigabyte ma790GP-Ud4h it idles about 40 C. This is weird because i was getting cooler temperatures at the end of summer, now in fall/winter I get hotter reading?. Using the same software. I did notice when i took it out, there was some white stuff on the bottom of the processor, under the pins, I think it might be from the CPU holder on the motherboard but I'm not sure. Could this be the reason it is hotter? Please help this is driving my absolutely nuts.
  2. red1776

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    Its not uncommon to get a slightly different reading when you change hardware, what is more concerning is that "white stuff" that has made its way to the underside of your cpu. the white suff is thermal compound and apparently an over application of it. the only place thermal compound should be is on top of the CPU heats spreader. when too much thermal compound is applied it will leak out from under the heatsink and will short out the CPU or the motherboard. if its on the pin side of the cpu i am surprised ,and you are lucky it hasn't shorted out. you need to clean up all the thermal compound and reapply. the size of a grain of rice dead center of the cpu heat spreader is about the right amount. after that use a few different temp monitor sensors and check your idle temp via your bios.
  3. raybay

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    "Hotter" is still not hot, but thermal paste excess is definitely a problem to fix. You need just barely enough. Any more acts as an insulator, and as red1776 says, it puts you at risk of buggering up your computer... though I have never seen it short out a CPU... just heat transfer problems.
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