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Hello everybody,
I got a new ( new for me) athlon xp 2500+ barton cpu and i' trying to ugrade my current configuration.
My Motherboard is Azza alh KT400 with athlon xp 1700+ , DDR 333 ram (pc2700) and ati radeon 900 pro.
Motherboard settings permitted are only FSB with two jumper settings (j5,j6).
i put the jumpers to have 333 FSB to support the new processor but the system doesn't boot up.
I have no video nor sound (error beep).
Documentation for my MB is absent on the web apart some old topics in forums and the manual i have doesn't help me a lot.
In some old post i have found compatibility between the Motherboard and the processor.
Bios version on my MB in not the latest , can this be the problem?
I would expetc the system too boot up and that the processor is not recognized as the corret version.
Thanks in advance to all will answer to my post



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also done bios upgrade

:mad: I also upgraded bios version to the last one known 03/17/2003-KT400-8235-6A6LYP89C-00.
Same results.......... :mad: :mad:


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According to this site, your board only supports a FSB of 266, in which case you wouldn't be able to use the 2500+ CPU, regardless of what BIOS you have.

EDIT: I notice that later down on that same page, it does mention it supports 333mhz FSB while at the top it ONLY mentions 266. Fishy... I'll see if I can find anything else.
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