Product key problem, I'm dying here fellas

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Jan 19, 2008
  1. OK hi there. Here is the short of it. I have a retail copy of XP but not the disk. So how do I know which disk to use?

    This is the original retail copy of XP Home, I don't believe it even includes any service packs. It is the hard green envelope folder with an orange sticker on the back that has the key. It is not the upgrade version.

    According to all documentation I can find, I have what is called a "retail version" of XP Home. Not OEM, not VLK, whatever.
    The problem is, I've now gone through about SEVEN different XP Home CDs with different PID codes and SPs in them, etc... NONE of them accept this code. Some say the product key is wrong, and some say it's the PID that's wrong. For example here is an exact error code:

    "The pid is invalid for this version of Windows XP, provide the pid tha came with the Windows XP CD."

    I've looked up all those setupp.ini pid codes and tried all the combos. This is just driving me up a wall. I've got a legal code here, and NO idea about what disk I need, it's pretty frustrating really. I've used a copy of the actually shinny XP CD, I've used copies from ISOs we've burned of XP versions. I used that 9in1 XP disk that has been going around, and plenty more. No luck. Obviously my key can't be bad. I've found no info to suggest that a key is matched only to one CD. It should work.

    Anybody have any ideas? What I'd really love is for some program to check my code and tell me what disk I need, or something like that. Or is there a place I can download XP ISOs, I wouldn't think that is illegal cause only the product key matters. I'm just out of options.

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    I'll take a look there, but this is not an activation issue, this is a can't-even-install-XP-because-the-key-doesn't-work-with-any-disk problem.
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    where did you get this from. The most probable cause I can think of you probably don't want to hear. Have you ever taken your computer to anybody to get work done on it?

    There is an old trick where they give you the disk with product key, but it is already installed on another machine, then they install you with a keygen’d or VLK product key. The software could work for several weeks, months or even a year or more then suddenly becomes blocked.
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    Not it either. The system has been formated and I'm doing this from scratch. The key I know is fine, it is the orange sticker on the green retail folder. But I don't have the right CD, it is the hologram CD, but it is an OEM CD and not a retail one, so they don't match. I've tried 7 more CDs with no luck.

    I'm thinking maybe the disks I tried all had slipstreamed SPs. Maybe if I can find a retail disk with no SPs on it? That's my next bet, otherwise I'm out of ideas.
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    Did you try taking your question to the WGA forum (of post #2)? what did they say?
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    i'm having the same exact problem. and it's also driving me crazy. did you ever figure that out or did you just end up having to purchase another license? :(

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