Program does not appear in start menu in Vista!!!!!!!!

By Dennis_84 ยท 4 replies
Sep 19, 2007
  1. Does anyone know why some of the program does not appear in start menu?
    I have installed some games and software and it does not come up on the start menu? why, any solution for that?
    The game that is installed comes up in games but not in the All Program.
    Can someone tell me how to solve this?
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  3. Po`Girl

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    Vista puts games into special folder called....Games.

    Start/All Programs/Games/Games Explorer.

    Double-click the game you want to play.

    Read all about it HERE

    This feature was designed to be helpful,but fails to the maximum degree.:dead:

    Nobody is under any obligation to put anything in their profile,however long they`ve been here.
  4. Tmagic650

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    "Nobody is under any obligation to put anything in their profile, however long they've been here"...

    That's true, but if you ask for help, it is important to know what hardware is involved. All too often next to nothing is given. I for one, am not a mind reader. Are you? I ask for a general location too. I don't want to know their street address... Just the country or state is enough.

    Understand now?
  5. Dennis_84

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    Ok, I see that all the games that you install goes into games folder instead of All Programs.
    But how can I put it on a desktop? From the game folder I can't send it to desktop, however I can drag it and put it on a desktop but the icon doesn't come up right? That's weird.
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