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Dec 8, 2002
  1. My system had multible operating systems on it when I lost one of 4 hard drives. The system would not boot due to a corrupt MBR. I reinstalled XP pro on another drive and was able to boot my system. I am trying to open my personel folders (such as in Documents and Settings) and cannot. The folder was created with XP Pro (which is still on on of the other drives) but access is denide. I have files in that folder that are critical to me that I have no where else.The machine names are the same as well as loggin and password but it will still not let me at my files.

    Is there any way to be able to access these files. Some of them were kept on the old desktop. Some of these files are *.bmp's of family no longer with us.

    Please Help.


    Dan Perruzzi
  2. SNGX1275

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    Have you tried to fix your MBR before installing XP on another drive? If you haven't I'd try this on your drive with the corrupt mbr.
    1. Boot the system from a boot disk that has the same level of operating system that is installed on the hard disk drive.
    2. At the A: prompt type C: and press the Enter key.
    3. Type FDISK/MBR and press the Enter key.
    4. After the command runs you will come back to the C: prompt.
    5. Remove the boot disk and reboot the system.
  3. dapper1683

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    Thanks for you help but I have already installed XP on the other drive.

  4. Nodsu

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    Are you using an Administrator account?

    Creating a new account with the same user name does not give you access to the old user's files if you are a plain user.

    Since you have multiple OS, you can try accessing these files from these.
  5. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    Take the other drive out and see if you can fix the MBR on the one you had XP on. If you data is that critical who cares if you wasted 30 minutes installing XP on a differerent drive.
  6. eyeategod

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    I had a different problem with XP Pro and I reinstalled it over the old version. I have the same problem where I cannot get to the folders located in the my documents section of previous user accounts. How can I get to these files?
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