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Dec 31, 2007
  1. is my psu fan supposed to be pointing toward the motherboard and video card(i have a cosair vx550)? Im installing it on my dell e510 and im not sure how to set it up where i could insert the screws that i had to take out from my old psu. Do i even need to put those 4 screws on the back of my new psu?
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    If you look at the screw hole pattern on the power supply, you should notice that it will only go on one way. Yes, you definitely need to install those 4 screws. Usually the large fan will be on the bottom of the PSU but it does not blow toward the video card but instead blows the opposite direction which is into the PSU and out the back of the PC.
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    doesnt look like my psu is gonna fit. I see these metal hooks where the base and the side of the psu are supposed to go, that stops the psu from being in a position that allows the screws to be placed in. What would happen if i just didnt put the screws in?
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    That's a problem with Dells when the dimensions of the power supply are not exactly the same as the original. I suppose the worse thing that could happen is if the PSU falls down inside the case and shorts out something. How much support does it have? Can you at least get a small plastic tie wrap and secure it somehow to the back?

    Edit: A possible alternative is the PC Power and Cooling Silencer 470 Dell. I believe its primary advantage is its dimensions should fit the E510 Dell. I bought a Silencer 410 for an older Dell Dimension 8250 and the PSU fit exactly into the Dell case clips.
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    thx i got it all installed
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