PSU (power supply unit) compatibilities

By chase24
Oct 26, 2008
  1. after frying my psu, i purchased another stock psu from the same brand and model hp pavilion elite.

    my pc is hp pavilion elite m9350f

    questions: it okay if i purchase other brand of psu?

    2.does hp package pc is limited in its own model of psu that i can only use stock psu with 460 watts?

    3.can i use another brand of psu and stick it inside of the cpu stock casing, will it fit?

    4. is it okay if i replace the stock psu with other brand that have higher watts like 700watts, will it not destroy the components?
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    more wattage will not destroy components, but it will waste more energy. Google "PSU" calculator and add 30% to the results to find out your requirements.

    1,2,3 are all yes. But if you use a standard case ATX (not micro ATX) then a regular size PSU should work just find. Always buy quality. go to to read their PSU reviews.
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    Sorry I read this part:
    Which is Yes


    It had this on the end of the line too:
    Which is No
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