Pulling my hair out!-Part 1

By 60sGirl
Mar 23, 2007
  1. Could you please take a look see at my HijackThis log and tel me what you recommend? I have followed the instructions regarding the various anti virus programs, system cleansers, etc...

    They have helped quite a bit as I got my task manager back and it seems a lot of crap files are gone.The anti virus programs are all saying I'm clear. But my system is still not acting right. Very, very slow and programs not functioning properly.

    I have been working on this since lact night, early into the morning. After a bit of sleep I am here again....*sigh*

    By the way...this all came about after a brief fling with Limewire. I do use UseNext service. Hopefully thats not causing a problem. But if it is or if you think it has the potential to be I can/will take that out too.


    **edited to add logfile as an attachment**
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