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Mar 28, 2008
  1. I have a Windows XP SP2 laptop. I use the ipconfig /release command to clear a bad IP address. Thing is, when I use ipconfig /renew to get a new one, it *always* pulls down that same IP address I just cleared. Is there some trick or command I can use so I pull a different IP address form the DHCP server?

  2. kimsland

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    Your high speed Internet (cable or broadband) is assigned a static IP from your ISP that never changes :( Unless you plead with your ISP for a new one.

    Dial-Up is a different story though, you can get a range of IP's all the time.
    Dial-Up is more secure !!
  3. Klytus

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    This isn't a home network - this is at work, and we're all on a DHCP server that pulls an IP address automatically. I'm just trying to get this laptop to pull a different IP address from the server than the one it always pulls so I can test things. I'm also trying to avoid having to get the Network Admins involved - that can make a 5 minute job take 5 days.
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    Thanks for the Extra info ! You know the more the merrier

    It is possible that the server has been set to assign your computer's network card's MAC address to a certain IP. And therefore it'll always be the same
  5. Michelle2

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    Why is the IP bad?

    Remove the network cable and release/renew the IP address windows should assign a local address. Plug your cable back in release/renew and if its the same IT have set the IP via the DHCP to your mac address
    Failing all that have you got permissions to set a static IP on your system via control panel? If so try that.
  6. jobeard

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    DHCP has a LEASE period assigned to the address. No matter how many times
    you /release the assignment, the next /renew or boot will retrieve the same IP assignment.
  7. tipstir

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    Contact the System Admin or Network Engineer Services guys who handles your routers to assign you a static IP address instead of DHCP. I don't know what the MANAGE VLAN NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE policy you have their structured. If this is a small business 100 or less employees then you can fix this problem on your own through SBS.
  8. Klytus

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    Long story short: when I go to the Altiris Deployment Console to try to re-image the laptop, it keeps pulling the WRONG one because it shows two units on the network as having the same IP address, only there are no IP conflicts on the network, and I do not have access to the other machine. Ergo, I just wanted to pull a different IP address and update it on Altiris so it would see the right machine. This was something that should have taken 5 minutes to fix, only I couldn't pull a new IP address, and getting our network admins to assign a static IP is like pulling teeth with tweezers. They don;t ever look for a vacant IP and let you use it, they go: "Oh, just plug in the device, tell us what IP it gets, and we'll reserve that as a static IP." For what I was trying to do, I was SOL.

    I could have sworn that there was a command you could enter on the command line that would tell the DHCP server to expire the lease on that IP address, or something similar, so that way the next time it pulled an IP from DHCP, you'd get a different IP. Or maybe I'm thinking of Novell, and we're now on Active Directory.
  9. jobeard

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    *IF* you can find an IP address that is not assigned to ANY system, then
    you might force configure the IP manually.
    Make sure you copy the gateway, DNS, and subnet mask.

    The big issue is to avoid an address for a system that just happens to powered off
    (hint: you can scan / ping for address, but anything that doesn't show-up could be just powered off :( )
  10. Klytus

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    Tried that, but every IP address I guessed at was taken.

    In the end, the problem fixed itself. Maybe all the IP shifting I tired did something, because Altiris eventually *did* see the computer correctly.
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