Purchasing new video card help

By merchant_911
Jan 7, 2006
  1. Ok i have just purchased a new computer and I got it for games. I woul like to put a new graphics/video card in But I'm not quite sure what kind I should get. Right now my video card is nothing...It's like the intel family chip set /or whatever lol.Anyways. I would like a graphics card that would run games like call of duty 2 battlefront 2 halo smoothly and so on... I have a Gateway 1 gig ramand like 200 gigs worth memory(If that will help with the selection) I am not exacly the wealtiest either...What would the be the best purchase around ....$200 $300 candian??? I dont want to just buy something like around that price and have the same as what i have now... Theres got to be something good out therer around that price...hopfully lol.

    Anyways thanks for taking the time to read my concern and I hope that you guy could help me out

    Justin ;)
  2. LipsOfVenom

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    for $200 you can get the GeForce 6800 GS which will play BF2 and COD 2 and halo all pretty well. it's not the best card on the market...but like you said..you're not the wealthiest either...and besides..most of us buy these mid range cards anyway...its good to play new games on and we can upgrade cards as the months go buy since we don't spend $400 on the best card at the moment.
  3. merchant_911

    merchant_911 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok sweet Is there any other cards that i should look at?...If not thanks s[o] much!!!!! :cool:
  4. truflip

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    if ur willing to purchase online, www.NCIX.com is where u should buy one. especially if u live in canada.. stay away from tigerdirect.ca. sh!t comes from US not canada, and they tax u n stuff and charge u high shipping and then u gotta wait almost 2 weeks.. bad =]

    get one of these cards:
    $259 eVGA 6800GS 256MB PCI-e:
    theres an AGP version (if ur PC dont have PCI-e.. it should though if u jus bought it.. its a 'standard' for new PCs now) for $279

    $267Sapphire X800GTO2 256MB PCI-e:
    http://www.ncix.com/products/index....7466-11-AT (21067-01-20)&manufacture=SAPPHIRE

    the choice is up to u.. heres a comparison of the specs to help u make ur decision: http://www.gpureview.com/show_cards.php?card1=354&card2=50

    id personally go for the nVidia card =] jus c uz.. i ono its better hehe.. more bang for the buck as they say it
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