putting a hard drive in a work station

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Jul 20, 2005
  1. Hi I am New here and I would like to know something I have got a Kayak PII workstation it has no harddrive in it is it possible to install one from my old PI its a 2 gig but thats all the space my neices need for now they just want to get online and I amd going to try to set a wireless connection with them right now we cannot afford a new pc so we are working with what we have. we also have a dell optiplex GXa PII but it has a password and will not allow me to get to windows nt I bought it from a secondhand store that sells old pcs donated by companies this one is from Target and ask for a username, password and domain is there any way to get around it?
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    paswoord problem on a dell

    The password comes up at the logon screen I tried taking the battery out for a day and I was wondering will that take out all passwords including logon ones now this is a dell desktop Pentium II Optiplex GXa
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    That Optioplex...

    If you use Ultimate Boot Disk there is an NT Password Cracking tool in it... It is also in "BCD" (Build CD)

    I can make an image file of the NT password cracker???? Or I can send you my BCD that I have been using to build my Windows 98 CD for fixing old PC's... It is not very large, you copy the files to a folder, start DOS and type "bcd cdrommi" and it burns the boot disk in DOS. then you noot with it, and it gives you a boot choice, and ther is an NT password changer that I have used a few times, it works, if the version of Win2k or XP is not corrupt in any way.

    I am copying the files to a place where I can put a link to them.. In the meantime, I also need to know, is the password on the BIOS, or JUST the Operating System?

    If the password is in the BIOS, you need to use KillCMOS - And there is a way to force a PC to read the Floppy Disk and execute an autoexec.bat, b y a certain key combo... We can find out what that is from Dell somehow, and then apply KillCmos, that will eradicate any BIOS password. People who pw the BIOSes need to be killed! Arrrrrgh! agh! :knock: :knock: :knock: :knock: :knock: :knock:
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    Ah, from what it sounds like, the PW is in the OS. THAT can easily be dealt with, but PWs in BIOSes are harder, ehe.

    I have an Optiplex GX1p, and I got an 80 GB Hard Drive in it, irt is cool.

    Is your optiplex a tower, or is it a flat desktop?
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    the password is in the OS.
  7. topkat690

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    my optiplex is a flat desktop and I can not access the hard drive or OS to see what is on it.
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