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By paulanthony408
Jan 30, 2009
  1. I figured this would catch a few egosentric techs out there. lol. I need help!!!
    Im buying a Samsung T240HD monitor with an Ati Radeon 2400 HD Pro PCI-E X16 GPU. I want to install it in my Dell Dimension E310.The Graphics card requires a PSU 300w or more recommended. Also, requires an HD DVD drive. So my question is will it still work with my current 230w PSU & do I really need an HD DVD drive for it to operate properly. In regards to the HD DVD I wont be watching them on my PC only on my PS3. So is there anyone out there with a similiar issue or some insight on this subject.

    Here are the specs Im working with:


  2. LinkedKube

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    Im not sure about the cd drive question, but 230w is cutting it close for an upgrade with that card.
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