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By Knot2Brite
Apr 11, 2009
  1. hello,

    I am evaluating a new program which is to be considered comparable to Norton Ghost or Acronis True Image except it is billed to be extraordinarily fast.I think I may have a problem because the new program posted a message that volume shadow service is not supported on drive C. as a result it started the backup in "archive mode."

    This mode is no quicker than it was previously so I assume the speedy version requires the volume shadow copy service.

    I am running windows XP SP3 with four gig of RAM and a 1.8 gauge dual core processor.the software is from Horizon DataSys and is called Drive Cloner RX. I have been using their program Rollback RX which had an earlier version of the cloning program built in.

    I know nothing about volume shadow copy but the articles on Google really didn't shed any light from the perspective of a nerd. any and all help would be much appreciated.
  2. gbhall

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    I think you may not be understanding what the program does. My reading of the site tells me that the initial backup cannot possibly be any faster than a 'normal' drive image. How can it exceed the transfer speed of the drive? Couple that with the need to use CPU power to compress the data, then the second drive transfer to write it to the backup location.

    No way is this a fast process. Take a 1 minute per Gb guestimate.

    What this package does, is after the initial backup is created, it then only transfers changes which can amount to just a few tens of Mb per day. Yes it can do that 'in seconds'. So can Acronis true image and any number of other drive imaging packages using the same idea.

    I would add that the website makes no mention at any point of using MS shadow copy service, and it may be simply telling you that it's ok, no shadow copy service is running, so there should be no problems of two systems doing the same thing.....
  3. Knot2Brite

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    thank you gbhall.

    Now that someone has explained it to me I understand. I use their Rollback RX which makes a "snapshot" of my drive every 60 minutes and it does it in one minute. Their sales letter offering a discounted upgrade made it appear that they had figured out how to do an "image" the same way they did a "snapshot."

    The "snapshots" are a big improvement over what I was getting with Norton GoBack and I thought I was about to get a big improvement over True Image.

    I really appreciate your spelling things out for me.

    God Save the Queen
  4. mflynn

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    Do you perchance have an Acer computer (what were they thinking, but they used to ship all computers with FAT32) or did you install to a FAT32 drive?

    VSS requires at least 1 NTFS partition to work.

    IF you are running XP on a FAT32 partition I would convert it and not because of this but it would correct your problem.

    But NTFS is tougher to damage faster more effecient with disk space and not to mention SECURITY!.

    FAT32 has little security. Anyone with access to a drive using FAT32 has access everything. Some Viri and other Malware can have free rein and a field day on FAT32.

    NTFS has use of NTFS Permissions. File and folder access can be controlled to high levels.

    Fat32 can be converted to NTFS easily. At run command or command prompt type this command. Assumes your boot drive is c: if not use the correct drive letter for your system.

    convert c: /fs:ntfs

    But before I would convert I advise the below
    1. run a chkdsk C: /f /r
    2. clean temps
    3. Run a check for Malware and Viri

    The 8 Step process
    should do the job for you!

    After it do the convert, I highly advise!

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