Question Using TV-Out on Radeon 9600 256MB

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May 24, 2005
  1. I hoked my TV up to my computer today and I currently have the resolution set to 800x600 @ 85hz but the font on my 27' tv is barely legible and a bit blurry. Like when i look at movies and play games it's good. But viewing webpages or just using the tv as a monitor in general doesn't cut it because I can't read the fonts. What are some good settings I can use? I have all the latest ATI driver software. I even considered lowering my resolution to 640x480 but it won't let me because 800x600 is the lowest setting I can scroll down to.

    PC Specs:
    KM4M-V mobo
    AMD Sempron 2800
    1GB PC2700 RAM
    80GB / 40GB HDs
    Radeon 9600 256MB
    Win XP Pro SP2

    Also I currently have two CRT monitors connected to my card as well as my TV. Is it possible to clone in all 3 displays?
  2. vegasgmc

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    Lower the refresh rate to 65. But you still wont get a clear picture unless you use a converter.
  3. akastarks

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    What converter do I purchase?
  4. vegasgmc

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  5. shadow_29

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    hey i am not sure but i dont think the converter would do much,it only turns your vga signal into composite or s video,you already have that on your card.maybe there might be a difference in quality but no miracles.first of all when talking about tv-out the quality depends a lot on the type of interface and the tv itself.a normal tv can run 480i resoution at max video cards output starts out from 640x480 for your has always been hard to view webpages or read from tvout(hdtv being a clear exception ofcourse)the maximum you can get out of your card is setting its resolutuion to 640x480(if available in the display modes )or change the default font size in windows to a higher number on your current setting also you can download powerstrip and tinker with the resolution till you are satisfied.of course you should also change the color settings from your tv and the video card but like i said dont expect miracle reading text and viewing webpages without straining is very hard on more thing you might get a better quality if you switch to svideo (if you already are using svideo than just ignore this ).

    about cloning on all 3 displays,i didnt quiet understand what you meant,but you can only set the monitors and the tv to primary,secondary...display as you would have already found out that only the primary surface displays the videos not the other two,games and other visualtisation should show up on all three,making them clones.the other alternative is screen spanning mode in which you might set all 3 displays individually and place them side by side to act as one giant screen on which you could run and drag other application and have a triple display spanning background.
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