Trouble duplicating video for monitor and TV using VGA

By czanzibar
Oct 2, 2015
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  1. Hello!

    I tried to look for a similar answered question, and I'm not very tech savvy so I'll try to explain as clear as possible:

    I want to connect the video output of my PC to both a monitor and a TV using VGA cables (clone the image). Currently my monitor is plugged through a 1m VGA cable using the VGA output of the PC and works fine.

    I bought online a cheap Y splitter cable (M->2F) and a cheap 10m long VGA cable (M/M) to duplicate the image but they didn't work, so I tried only the 10m cable from my PC to the monitor only (without the splitter) to see if the long cable was faulty but there was no video image. I also tried plugging the regular 1m VGA cable (that I always use with my monitor) to the splitter and then to my PC, leaving one of the two female outputs of the splitter empty, but no video image either.

    My hunch was that the cheap cables I bought online ($3 and $10) were the issue, so I contacted the seller and he replied saying: "...usually cables work fine and its a setting at the users end. A 10m VGA takes a very good signal to push an analogue signal that far, otherwise you may need a booster. I can just about 99% say its not the cable, but the strength of your signal."

    But I googled a bit and found out my graphic card is meant to be good (Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT, and Intel Core2 Duo E700@2.93 GHz processors) and should be able to push the signal the 10m. But if only connecting the monitor doesn't work, of course splitting doesn't either.

    I updated the driver and since I can't even look at the Screen Resolution options for enabling a second video display (if I use the 10m cable, there's no image; if I use the splitter, there's no image; there is only an image when I leave it as is with its original 1m cable and then obviously there's no second display to detect or enable on settings).

    I live in New Zealand so it's either cheap cables (I could get another generic online) or just one super expensive ($80+) goldplated 10m cable, and I can't afford it. Do you guys think the seller is right, that my graphic card is too weak and needs a booster? or should I just get another cable. My TV (LCD Sony Bravia KLV-S26A10. // PC Monitor is an HPCompaq WF1907, and res. is 1440x900), only has VGA, S-cable and RCA inputs, so I'm not considering even an HDMI adapter since the basic VGA can't go through.

    Sorry if this seems like an *****ic question, I never really deal with tech much. Any guidance would be very very welcome.
  2. Hudozie

    Hudozie TS Rookie

    I did some research and came accross some site you should look at.
    From what I gathered the 10m cable you are using might be too long.
    Reading your post I noticed you said you have one vga cable (1m) you are using and you bought two more (1m & 10m). So from what you said you have three cable. Have you used all three (old 1m, new 1m, new 10m) with the splitter to the monitor?

    If I was you I would forget all this vga crap and go get a vga to hdmi converter and use hdmi. according to cablechick site it can go 20m no prob!!! the only other issue is I cannot find a simple way to use a monitor and tv at the same time with a splitter. If you want to use them seperatly then there is alot of stuff you could use. Here are some related links
    Also I tried looking up your video card and basically got this spec every time so im thinking you may have an older one because they have dual dvi ports? if so depending on what you power supply can handle you may want to upgrade it to one that has dual dvi ports so you could have both up at the same time and use comverters to use them
    I hope I helped and didnt make the matter worse.

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