Questions About Vista

By rmdl51
Dec 7, 2006
  1. Hello Everybody! I have a couple of questions about vista:

    1.- So far, I've installed Vista on 4 computers to test it, and all seems to work ok, but what about the MOBO drivers? does Vista install everything? I mean as far as the device manager is ok, no need for driver cd? even one of the computers have an 9600XT and doesn't looks to need a driver? should I install the catalist? I don't even know if there is a version for Vista.

    2.- Does anyone knows if McAfee 2007 is incompatible with Vista? I tried to install it and it ruins completely the system, after the McAfee install and restart, as soon as I touch the start button gives me an error message saying that windows encountered a critical error and will restart in 60 seconds, and so it does. Anyone knows about this or maybe is a problem with my system? I'm afraid to install on one of the other computers because I don't want to spend time reinstalling again.

    Thank you!
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