Quick PC-3200 RAM question about running different models

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Sep 18, 2008
  1. Would it be okay to have 1 1GB stick of Crucial RAM with timings of 3-3-3-8 paired with 1 512MB stick of Corsair RAM with timings of 2.5-3-3-8? If so, can I do it in dual channel, or should I stick with single channel?

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    It's probably not going to work but it won't hurt anything to try. My guess is that, since the timings are close, it will either work for a little while but then throw a BSOD or not work at all. As far as dual channel is concerned, you need dual channel modules to run in dual channel mode. So, if one RAM module is not dual channel, it's not going to work.
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    dual channel modules not required

    you do not need 'dual channel modules' dual channel modules are a marketing ploy to get you to play a premium to pay for two or more sticks that were manufactured next to each other on the same assembly line. make them the same size and the same tech and your good. the computer im typing this on is running two 1gb sticks from different manufacturers made two years apart. dual channel 'kits' have been tested to asure they will function in dcm, thats all.
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    Dead Memory Thread....?

    I agree with you in principle, however, in current market conditions there is no premium on a "dual channel kit". In fact, quite the opposite is true. Generally, buying 2 of the same modules together will be lower in price than the price of 2 separate modules added together. Were they to have shipping charges attached those would be double, obviously only if ordered on separate occaisions
    As am I, but with 2 different speeds, and three different manufacturers. And yes, the system is still running in dual channel mode.
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    that is true

    you can still pay quit a bit more in a retail setting, ie best buy etc, but ive noticed that 'dual channel kits ' have come down in price. I think the manufactures have figured out that the public has gotten wise to dual channel being an mobo arcitecture, and that there is no such thing as dual channel ram. :). i have a question for you, have you noticed a performance difference since going to dcm?
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    If you are too inept to add the prices of two items together in a store to determine if it would cheaper to buy a kit of the same two items, then you should, by all means, take someone to the store with you that can count.
    Or, hit "Newegg.com", and use a pencil and paper to do some figurin'. (1)

    (1) Sorry, I just can't help myself sometimes, I say things like this. I may be suffering from the computer forum version of "Tourettes Syndrome"
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    I don't know. The computer in question was purchased set up with dual channel RAM, (2X 256MB). It has DDR400, which at the time was quite expensive. The slower DDR333 always seemed to be on sale, so over time I bought two additional 512MB modules of that, by 2 different manufacturers. I never actually ran the machine in single channel. After I bought the first 512MB stick, I configured the machine with 2 X 256 in one channel, and a 512 in the other. The final configuration is a 256MB and a 512 in each channel. This is why I stopped at 1.5GB. After that plateau, it would be necessary to remove the 256 DIMMs altogether for further expansion. For better or worse I'm cheap, lazy, and happy with what I have. I do photo editing and web surfing and maybe burn something here and there. As one would expect, the system runs at the slower 333MBs speed, but the added memory capacity makes up for this easily. So, with the downclock notwithstanding, the system is more responsive than as purchased.

    The trick here is that this is all "generic" RAM of which I'm speaking. The DIMMs are all standard DDR spec voltage and timing, and they all play nicely together. I wouldn't "try this at home" with mix and match high performance and standard DIMMs, that might lead to disappointment.
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    Tedster please do not just paste links as a reply

    You need to put a brief description on where the link will take the member to

    In many security guidelines users are requested never to just click on an unknown link (even if it says TechSpot in the URL, there are many Techspot locations, including a Techspot clone in India (techspot.in)

    These security guidelines are usually found in email security sites (Do not click on unknown links)

    Plus this thread is 3 weeks old anyway
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