quick question with hardrive interface

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Jan 31, 2006
  1. Crusader

    Crusader TS Rookie

    Yea that HD's fine, i have the same one except its 160gb. That one we have a noticable speed improvement compared to your 5400rpm one. And its got Ultra ATA100 and 8mb buffer speed and ur old one prob had ATA66 and 2mb cache.
    Ultra ATA100 and ATA100 are the same thing, and im not to sure what u menat by is its two or one interfaces. But ill try answer it. IDE just stands for Intergrated/Intelligent Drive Electronics and has a maxium speed of (ultra)ATA100. The ATA100(or Ultra 100ATA) stands Advanced Technolgy Attachment(i think google if u really wanna know lol) and the 100 is the speed of it which is 100mb/s. Also ATA is always found on IDE hard drives and SATA for SATA drives. Hope that helps ask if u need any help.
  2. blue_dragon

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    nope mines ata100
    what i meant was that if ide ata was one interface by itself or two different interfaces ide being one interface and that ata was the other

    but...disc drives are only ide, sata or firewire interfaced right?
  3. nickc

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    Crussader, I hate to dispute u or anyonelse on this board but there is a ATA133 that is now usable with all drivers and most BIOS updares of today. It is faster but eveery hard drive has to be of the same speed or faster.
  4. Crusader

    Crusader TS Rookie

    Blue Dragon- Yea all the ones i know of. Unless its an extenal drive and then u can plug it in to USB or something. BTW sorry i mislead u with the ATA133.

    NickC- No problem man thanks for pointing that out. I wasnt aware of that, how long has that been out, is it new or do just live under a rock?
  5. SNGX1275

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    ATA133 has been out for a couple years at least. I bet you wouldn' tbe able to tell a difference between ATA100 and ATA133 with the same drive. ie - connect one to an older controller card ATA100 and benchmark it, and then connect it to ATA133 and do the same, and you will likely get almost identical scores. They never get their theoretical max speeds, ATA133 drives still show actual performance below the ATA100 theoretical max.
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