Qwik-Fix Beta 0.41 Released

By TS | Thomas
Nov 5, 2003
  1. Qwik-Fix is designed to pro-actively prevent known software vulnerabilities in Windows & Internet Explorer from being exploited by malicious hackers, virus writers and worm writers. Qwik-Fix is simple to use, Qwik-Fix is easy to download and install. Qwik-Fix is dynamic in that it serves as a temporary fix to known vulnerabilities until Microsoft releases a periodic monthly cumulative patch or a new Service Pack. As we find new vulnerabilities our subscribers will be updated immediately, thus staying 1 step ahead of the bad guys.

    QwikFix current fixes include:
    RPC/DCOM to prevent any RPC related vulnerabilities, HTA mime-type vulnerabilities, Windows Messenger vulnerabilities (blocks desktop spam as well), ADODB.Stream file writing & related trojan exploits, & much more.

    Download Now, it's less than 100K.
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