Radeon 9200 SE "help" Black Sceens

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Jan 2, 2005
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    hey guys...

    sorry if i might seem like i dun know about computers but i just bought this new radeon 9200 SE. The first time i put the ati video card in the computer it read the video card and i installed the ati drivers after i restarted the computer it did not see the ati anymore so i unstall the driver. and well i keep getting black screens when i plug the monitor with the new card...and i tryed putting both video cards the geforce 2 mx series with the ati radeon 9200 SE and it will stop right before the bios reads the hard drives and it will freeze but i hear the computer still running.. so i was just wondering if ppl have the same problem like me or is there anyway someone can help me...thanks my specs are

    1.8 GHz pentium 4
    1.00 GB of Ram
    Sis 648FX ver 1.0c
    bios is Phoenix v.6.00pg
    geforce 2 mx series with nvidia settings
  2. Cpt.Orgasmo

    Cpt.Orgasmo TS Rookie

    Update everything!

    try flashin your BIOS to the latest version and see if that works, if not then stick ur RAM in a different slot and if that does not work then you may have a duff card...
  3. Worry_alot

    Worry_alot TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well i think i flashed the bios and moving the ram around and that didnt work well me and my roomate put the ati card into his computer and it worked fine and it worked fine for my neighbir...so probably the radeon card is not comptable with the Sis-648FX or maybe its something with my bios settings my bios is Phoenix v.6.00 PG...
  4. Livestrong

    Livestrong TS Rookie

    Ya same for me...

    I'm going through the same things. And I have no problems using it with anyone elses' computer so I'm throwing my hands up in the air. I just posted this on another website so i dont feel like retyping it:

    I just understand this ... I do a fresh format on my computer and get " Add new Hardware" for my video card when I'm loading windows for the first time, Now i've done this 2 ways already, the first was installed my original disk drivers did a reboot when the drivers were installed ..windows shows the booting screen...then blanks out when it wants to load into windows itself. So i do a reboot into safe mode and played around a few times with it still kept crashing until i decide to disable my primary and load into my secondary and it boots fine but now i have no ATI control panel and no OPengl to run my Counter Strike 1.6. The other way was i got fedup and formatted again and installed the latest updates for my video card and now it just loads for a few seconds and then freezes while loading my windows bootscreen, once again i can use my secondary but no primary. Help!!!

    Btw... I put this video card into my buddies computer and had no problems with it. I've tried to update my bios drivers and that doesnt seem to help and I have no idea how to flash my bios and I'm not about to. I swear this is software issues and i know it can be fixed, I'm just having a hard time with it.
  5. shadow_29

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    well there are a couple of things you might want to try.first uninstall your last vidoe card and all its drivers(you can download a utility to do this throughly)than (guessing you probably are talking about an agp slot card)install your GART drivers from your mobo utility cd.put your new card in,once you power it on get in the bios and check for agp speed 1,2,4X,agp aperture size and other settings,save and boot up to windows(if you can ...hopefully)than try a driver version,since you're problem might also be related to the driver,you might want to try an older version of the drivers.by the way you dont have onboard video..do you??
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