Radeon 9600 Pro & NV35 specs

By Julio Franco
Apr 15, 2003
  1. Radeon 9600 & NV35 specs

    The Inq has word on the supposedly final clock speeds of Radeon 9600 Pro videocards, that is 400 MHz for the core & 600 MHz for memory, that's a considerable increase from the 275/540MHz in 9500 Pros.
    Don't get too excited though as the 9600 Pro has only 4 pipelines versus 8 found in the 'older' 9500 Pro, performance is expected to be decreased somewhat compared to its predecessor no matter the extra cycles... more detailed reviews should arrive soon so then we will see.

    And for those awaiting NVIDIA's next big thing, nvnews.net has posted leaked information on the NV35 expected by June-July.
    Nothing really new in the technical specifications for the most part, NV35 will use DDR I memory in order to keep prices relatively low and will move to a 256bit memory interface. Add a few PR 'Cine features' and that should be it, with the exception of that "Shadow Volume Accelerator" feature that sounds rather interesting.
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    According to Beyond3d the clockspeed of the 9600 (non-pro) will be 325Mhz and 200Mhz RAM (DDR),
    whilst the 9600pro will be 400Mhz clock and 300Mhz RAM (600DDR)...

    I reccomend their review, here...

    for more reviews of the 9600(pro), check here
  3. Oh, and I found what is supposed to be the full feature list for the NV35 over @ Beyond3d...

    You can see for youself here...


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