RAID 0 array is broken

By kshroben
Jul 19, 2005
  1. I have a P4 computer with a RAID O array containing 3 HDD and the Highpoint software tells me at bootup time that the array is broken, or to check one of the disks because one of them is not working. After that, it continues to boot but stops when it is time to load all the drivers. I get to see the Windows XP icon and after that the screen goes blank. All this at a very slow speed. The windows XP icon remains there for a couple of minutes as if it were searching for info. Then, I see a flahs on the screen as if it were trying to load the desktop butnothing else happens.

    How do I fix the array so I do not lose any data? How can I recover the data is the array is broken and I can't fix it? The C: HDD is connected to IDE1 on Soyo Dragon PX400 Ultra mobo. The other 2 HDD are connected to IDE 3 on mobo which is connected to the Highpoint 372 controller.
    System Details:
    P4 1.7 Ghz 100x17 on Soyo PX400 Drago Ultra mobo
    350 Watts Power supply
    3 Maxtor 80 gigs HDD's
    Geforce Mx400 video card
    Soundblaste Audigy Sound CArd
    Sony CDRW
    1 Floppy Drive (which has been disabled on BIOS)
    Zenith 17" monitor

    Thank you.

  2. JimShady23

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    3 drives in a RAID array ? Maybe 2 of them are.....

    If one of the drives in the raid array is a gonner so is all your data....Raid 0 offers no chance of data recovery if one of the drives fails.

    Find out wich drive it is and replace the drive and create a new array...That all you can do.

    As for 3 drives being in the array I Believe that your Primary drive C: IDE 1 is not in any of the Arrays but the 2 on IDE 3 are. Disconnect the 2 Raid drives And disable RaiD in the Bios and see if she boots then.
  3. kshroben

    kshroben TS Rookie Topic Starter

    RAID 0 array broken

    Thank you for the response. Yes, you are right. the C: drive is not on the array. ONly the 2 drives connected to IDE 3 are. I did exactly as you told me but the computer still won't boot. It shows the screen where you select if you want to go into safe mode or normal windows. But when I press enter to select safe mode or normal windows, it stops responding. A few days ago, it would show the list of drives being loaded and it would stop responding at the end after it had loaded "MUP.SYS' and it would stop right there. Now, the screen does not show anything and the selection screen remains on and the computer locks. Please help! I am at my wit's end. Thanks in advance.
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