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By Biomechanic
Mar 8, 2007
  1. I just installed a raid controller to my new computer,

    I have sata hd for my sysytem and 2 other hds I want to connect to my computer through the raid controller.

    when I place them in the computer and turn it on the prompt for drivers come through so I place the driver cd into the drive and it installs and saids all is well.

    but then it doesnt see the hds and device manager will not work, right click on my computer wont work as well and the windows oper. system work start up.

    In start up the bios and I see the 2 hds but all goes to ****.


    Ive up dated windows and still the problem.

    if I un hook the 2 IDE hds then windows starts up perfectly and I can see device manager and control control panel/system etc

    when I plug in ide hds then sometimes windows starts up but no device manager to see hds and /Or windows gets to the "windows" screen and just saids it's starting up but never does.

    device manager saids when the 2 ide hd's are not connected that the drivers are working properly.

    If I go into raid controller at start up I cant see the HDS.???

    anyone now what is going on??
  2. mke

    mke TS Rookie Posts: 90

    i am a bit confused about ur post. u bought a raid card for ur system, and u have 1xsata and 2xata disks? if so why use raid card for it, most probably ur system has 2 ide ports for a total of 4 devices and posssibly 2sata ports, though depends what mobo u have.
    also a note from personal experience, cheap raid controllers are better left on the self, they consume resources and cpu juice, where probably ur mobos raid controller(if it has) is much better. My first card was a promise alid something, never ever again.

    anyhow, i would imagine that u need to install driver for raid card, then reboot, then attach drives, check jumpers in case of ata drives, so one is operating as master while other as slave, or if two seperate ports on raid card, both cards master on each port. jumpers confuse allot the sys and need most of the time or probably all the time be set to correct pins. check hd cover should show some basic config about em.

    next step, if this is done, system should boot up proper, if not, the jumpers are prob not set right. if it boots up to windows, then u should see them in control panel -> administraive tools -> control management or console management or something, cant remember the actual name of the shortcut, under that shortcut there is disk management, check that ur disks are listed there, should be. if so define disk setup there or from supplied raid tool, either after post screen/boot up, or on windows.

    anyhow, thats what i think. if am wrong and wasted ur time with my bubling then sorry, no refunds :p

    if so,
  3. Biomechanic

    Biomechanic TS Rookie Topic Starter


    thanks for the reply.

    my mobo has onlt 1 ide slot ( these new mobos ) but has 5 sata slots. I brought a duocore pet E dual processor thingy.

    I have so many ide hds that I dont want to waste then.

    turns out that one of my hds IDE is stuffed and was corrupting the whole system, took it out and all is well.

    thanks again.
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