RAID Dell Poweredge 840 - JMB360/363 Controller

By ccampbell02
Dec 16, 2009
  1. So this is my first time trying to set up a RAID since I have this server to play with at work. As the title suggests it's a Dell Poweredge 840 without the capability to RAID out of the box. I ordered a J Micron PCIE JMB360/363 SATA(x2) controller to use for my RAID but I can't seem to get to RAID setup, it doesn't appear as if the machine knows it's there at all.

    The BIOS version that the server is running is A06 and it doesn't really have a whole lot of options available within it. The only place in the BIOS that I can see that it sees the card is in the IRQ Assignment Area which lists it as an "(unknown manuf)". I've tried clearing up IRQs so that its the only one using the interrupt but no dice. I've turned off all onboard SATA ports leaving only my IDE for CD/DVD drive. When I POST I do not get an option telling me to hit Control+ (?) to enter RAID setup and when I finally get into Windows 7 it tells me that the hard drives hooked up to the controller cannot be installed to due to something not being enabled in BIOS.

    Anyway that's the gist of it, does anyone have any ideas?

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