RAM info for MSI Wind Netbook

By matrix86
Mar 26, 2009
  1. I plan on purchasing a MSI Wind U100-451US Intel Atom N270(1.60GHz) 10.0" WSVGA 1GB Memory 160GB HDD Netbook. I want to purchase another 1Gb RAM stick (i'm eventually going to do it, so why not go a head? Kill 2 birds with 1 stone), but I am unaware of what company made the stick that's already in there. I know you can't mix sticks from 2 different companies (even if you could, I wouldn't want to), so I was wondering if anyone bought one of the netbooks and could tell me who made the RAM they use. Thanks!
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    Upgrading RAM on the MSI Wind will void your warranty.


    MSI, as well as several other manufacturers, does not use stick to a single brand of RAM. The addon RAM used in this video is Kingston-certified, but the brand of the chips could be one of several (Generally Samsung or Kingston). The pre-installed RAM is apparently not accessible by the user, so it may be very difficult to find out how to - and may be impossible to - match the RAM, because of the design of the Wind. Bear in mind that almost all brands of RAM are compatible with eachother as long as you purchase the correct type.
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    Thanks. I actually came across the video just before I logged on here. And from what I hear, it actually DOESN'T void your warranty. I've read comments from Wind users who contacted MSI, and MSI said that it will NOT void the warranty. However, I will contact them myself just to be sure.
    Anywho, thanks.
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