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Dec 16, 2006
  1. Hi

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. Im experiencing some issues with RAM. It seems like my computer, when its on and i leave it on alone, the RAM goes crazy and it seems like its going to blast of to space however if i move my mouse or type it stops.

    Im very naive when it comes to stuff like this and i thought it was suppose to be the other way around?

    I checked my task manager and it seems like theres nothing thats foreign thats running.

    Good someone give me some advice.

    I have 1gb ram

    Any help will be appreciated.
  2. Tedster

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    how do you know it is the RAM? What is the computer doing? RAM issues cause system crashes, lockups. If you suspect RAM problems. Download MEMTEST 86+ and run it from a real floppy drive for 7 passes or more.
    To learn about RAM, go to the guides forum.
  3. NixY

    NixY TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well when my computer uses its ram. It starts making a grinding noise and the ram icon comes on, on my tower.
  4. Tedster

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    computers use ram all the time. RAM doesn't make noise - it is not mechanical. Could be a hard disk (more likely) or a fan.
    A failing PSU can cause issues like RAM, and hard disks to also fail or give false readings.
    If you do not feel comfortable or are new to computers, get a professional to help or read up before attempting anything.
  5. NixY

    NixY TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok thank you for your help
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