RAM mix and match okay?

By 1cbtengr78
Apr 1, 2007
  1. I own a Dell Dimension 3000 that came with a pair of 256MB (total 512MB) DDR, 400, CL3 PC3200 sticks of RAM. I recently went out and purchased one stick of 1GB, PC2700, 333, RAM and replaced one of the 256MB sticks with this one. After reading more and more on Techspot, I became more and more confused.

    Is this setup okay? Is it better to have identical RAM modules at 512MB, than to have mixed RAM with the 1GB running at a slower speed?

    Is it better to have two 1GB modules of RAM at 333mhz, than 512 at 400?

    I am obviously not PC savvy, so any blunt advice would be of great help. Thanks.
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