RAM problems

By runescape
May 20, 2008
  1. i have a foxconn k7s741mg-6l / k7s741gxmg-6l (well thats what i got from everest home edition telling me)

    and i have altogether 512mb ram, 2 slots 256mb in each slot
    further more i have recently just stole a 512mb ram card from my cousins old computer that he doesnt use were both 14 you see we do theese kind of stuff.
    ok i have put the 512mb ram card in slot 2 and in slot 1 there is still a 256mb ram card and both of the maufacters of the ram cards are elixir/nanya and when i turned on my computer it wasnt as fast as when it was 512mb, now that is 768mb ram it takes 56 seconds to get to the desktop and ready to use before im sure it took like 30-46 seconds

    does anyone know why i think my computer has gotton slower or is it coz i downloaded loads of stuff.. before
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  3. runescape

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    well ffs

    well i didnt no did i ffs, i was in shiting my pants thinking of what trouble i would get into i didnt both to look around this site
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    Well my youngen friend, your computer has gotten slower because the 512 stick you put in has a different speed then your 256mb ram stick did. this is the common mistake of newbies at computers. your 512 is probably an sd ram 130 mhz abd your 256 a 100mhz.
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