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Apr 12, 2012
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  1. Since my Pc is old and My ram is not even ddr i was wondering does my system hold any ram of ddr1-3



    + i was wondering would this system Intel pentium 4 H/t

    + 2 gig ram

    and up to get the readon 4670 hd

    get any gr8 performance on leauge of legends idk maybe high def+ resolution with 30+ fps


    just found this can you explain what type of memory is this

    Memory 2 x DIMM, Max. 2 GB, DDR SDRAM ,Non-ECC, Memory =so it takes DDR RaM? it doesnt use any ddr2 or 3?
  2. SNGX1275

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    Looks like regular DDR. DDR2 and DDR3 will not fit.
  3. Cinders

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    Your PC takes PC3200 or DDR(1) 400 :)


    Something like the above would probably work for you.

    From : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_of_Legends

    Recommended System Requirements[1]

    * 3 GHz processor
    * 2 GB RAM
    * 6 GB hard disk space
    * GeForce 8800 or equivalent video card
    * Windows XP or higher

    Some of the GeForce 8800 were fairly bad *** back in the day, I'm assuming they don't mean they require an 8800 GTX or a 8800 GTS or a 8800 GT or a 8800 Ultra. There is a big difference between the specific cards I've listed and the HD 4670. All of those cards were actual gaming video cards while the HD 4670 is not a gaming card.

    The review I looked at used a core 2 duo as their processor and you'd be using an old Pentium 4. I can't tell you exactly what kind of frame rates you'll get with that video card and CPU combo but it's gonna be less then the reviewed system. I doubt the combo you have planned will easily obtain thirty plus frames per second at HD screen resolutions.


    The review I was referring too.

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