RAM questions. (ima noob)

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Dec 5, 2007
  1. Are DDR2 RAM and DDR2 SDRAM the same? If not, will a PC with DDR2 SDRAM take just DDR2 RAM?

    And is one brand/type of RAM compatable with ALL pcs that accept that brand? Or is each computer different in not only what kind of RAM it accepts, but also what brand/size/type?

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    Indeed they are my friend :)

    You know how you thought there was SDRAM (PC-100, PC-133,etc) and then DDRRAM [and then DDR2RAM and so on...]

    Well DDRRAM is DDR > SDRAM. Follow? However makes this sh!t up I know.. is crazy.
  3. Daveskater

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    You are correct, DDR2 RAM and DDR2 SDRAM are the same thing, just the SD often gets cut off to abbreviate it slightly. See here for more info

    Ram comes in different speeds and your motherboard will only support certain ones. Go to the Crucial site and run their scanner, it will tell you what type of memory your motherbard takes and what speeds it can take. Don't buy the memory from their site because you'll be paying through the nose but it's a useful tool ;)
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    well cool...that helps, but my second question is still up in the air. Lets say a PC takes this certain type of RAM....does that mean all the different brands of RAM as long as it is the same type? I tried to make that make sense. lol. So if i find an amazing deal on some RAM that the computer takes, does that mean that it will work? or do these different types vary enough to make some non-compatable?

    Thanks again.
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    Duck...., It,Tedster With a Guide to RAM....

    Techspot has a guide, basically everything you've ever been unafraid to ask about RAM, but we we're tired of typing the answer to. Anyway, it's quite a good guide, well worth reading. I would link it for you, but that would deprive the Tedster of doing it. Since he wrote it, he deserves the pleasure. Be patient he'll be along soon.

    Oh heck, most later model machines accept all brands, but there are exceptions of boards that are finiky about certain brands of memory. Earlier Compaq and other brands can require "branded Memory". This is on a case by case issue, the best place for these answers would be your manufacturers website or try Kingston's website here: http://www.kingston.com/default.asp
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    Is there a site you would recommend Dave (for us noobs)?
  7. Daveskater

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    If you're in the US then NewEgg is a good site to buy parts from :)
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