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Mar 27, 2006
  1. Hey, I got a few basic questons about ram... here they are

    1) I have 2 memory slots. Can I put a 1gb ram in one and a 256 in the other or do they have to be even like 512x2?

    2) Where is a good place to buy cheap, quality, 1gb ram. ( if number 1 can be done )

    3) Whats the difference between ddr sdram and just ddr? Are they the same? I was one some shopping sites and they say different things so im just wondering.

    Thats basically it, thanks to anyone who can help me.
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    That depends on your motherboard and chipset. some are pickier than others about RAM configuration. generally speaking it is best to used matched pairs (not just same size, but also same speed and timings)

    cheap quality is an oxymoron, you've got to pick one or the other.

    All DDR is SDRAM (but not the other way around), so the answer is yes... they are the same thing

    give us your system specs so wecan suggest what your best options are with your current hardware. also give us your upgrade budget
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