Ram Upgrade

By skodur
Oct 4, 2007
  1. thanks for the help guys. That fixed my problem.

    i have a new one now. My laptop has pc2700 333MHz DDR2 ram, i am wondering if i can upgrade it to PC2-3200 400MHz DDR2 RAM with 1GB memory Stick.please tell me the problems i have if i upgrade it to 400MHZ RAM instread of 333MHz ram which i presently have now. my chipset is intel 855GM which supports 400MHZ system bus but only supports only 333MHZ ram speed

  2. boykov

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    No.. Because the RAM you mention "PC2-3200 400MHz DDR2" is DDR2 and your motherboard only supprts DDR...
    You can upgrade the RAM, but it has to to be DDR not DDR2..
  3. Tedster

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  4. eijmaster

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    hahah ^^^^
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