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Random black screens of death - minidump included

By Marcbmann ยท 7 replies
Aug 24, 2010
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  1. Well, this is my last hope. I saw that some guys on here could understand the contents of a deciphered minidump file. Using some old instructions I found in these forums I was only able to decipher my latest minidump file, the rest of the .txts I create don't show up for some reason.

    Anywho. My computer has been plagued by a string of random Black Screens. The computer will automatically restart and inform me that I suffered from a BSOD. The "Check for a solution" option accomplishes nothing (What a surprise :rolleyes: ). I haven't found anything consistent in the even viewer. Memtest found nothing to be wrong. I have no issues when running games that are GPU intensive. I have yet to run Prime95 to stress test my CPU. I do not overclock, I religiously clean my computer. And I'm a freak when it comes to security. I've updated all my drivers as well. Nothing about the system had changed when the these black screens started occurring. I hadn't installed any new drivers, programs, or anything. The Black screens seem to only occur within 15 minutes of startup, but have occurred even later than that. So far I've disabled every optional service and startup program to no avail. I've since re-enabled some.... also nothing.

    I've already posted this question in 2 or 3 different places with a total of over 400+ views and only 2 responses... neither of which helped. I appreciate any response!

    BTW, in the minidump you will notice a service called "speedfan". Ignore that as it has since been removed, and was only added as a service after this issue started occuring.

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  2. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Can you please give us what is your system's complete specs ?

    0x124 WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR usually means that hardware has complained about something, please attach last five miniudmps with your next post for analysis.

    Have you ever updated motherboard's bios on this machine?
  3. Marcbmann

    Marcbmann TS Rookie Topic Starter

    System Specs:
    -Asus Maximus Formula Motherboard
    -G-Skill DDR2 Memory @ 1066MHz 2GB
    -Corsair Dominator Memory @ 1066MHz 2Gb Both sets of memory match and have been benchmarked without issues.
    -EVGA 470 GTX w/ latest drivers
    -Intel E8400 w/ 3rd party heatsink
    -Velociraptor 300GB 3GB/s
    -Seagate Barracuda 750GB
    -Silverston OP850 850W power supply
    -Samsung Superwrite Master Optical Drive
    -Windows 7 Home Edition

    I updated my motherboard's BIOS ages ago. There hasn't been a newer version released for it since. And I've attached the last 5 minidumps. Thank you!

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  4. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    All of your minidumps tells that system crashed with 0x124 error citing 'hardware' as an issue.

    As no useful information could be extracted from these dumps, hence, there is no other option but to consider the problem as a case of 'hardware in some unknown state of distress. I'm afraid you'll have to patiently go through various suggestions to try and find what may be causing it.

    Here are several suggestions I want you to carefully go through:

    1. Please ensure that no hardware component is being overlocked / driven beyond its design specifications.

    2. Airflow of the casing is adequate (i.e. intake and outflow).

    3. Uninstall all hardware related drivers one by one, and reinstall latest versions available for each respective part one by one.

    4. Stress test your hardware, i.e. hard disk (download diagnostic tool from its manufacturer's site and thoroughly test it), graphic card with OCCT, your ram with memtest (preferably test each module individually), and finally your CPU with Prime95.

    5. If all of the above doesn't work, clean install windows again (please do not install anything else), if 0x124 error doesn't occur, start installing hardware related drivers one by one, after each driver installation stop for a while and see how the machine behaves, if at some point you get the same BSOD, you will have good chance to know which last driver you installed (and it would be a good suspect).

    6. Ensure that your system is free of any dust etc.

    7. In an unfortunate situation that nothing of the above works, try booting with minimum hardware, i.e. one stick of RAM, one hdd, no dvd etc., (if you have a spare graphic card try that), if the system stays stable with minimum hardware, start adding components one by one, and stop after every addition to see what happens.
  5. Marcbmann

    Marcbmann TS Rookie Topic Starter

    1. Everything is running at design specifications.
    2. Temps are ideal.
    3. Done.
    4. Passed Prime95, Passed Memtest, About to run OCCT, but I doubt there's anything wrong with my GPU.
    5. It will most likely come to this, but I REALLY don't want to reformat.
    6. Already did. Always do. This should be the first step.
    7. I'll buy a new computer if it comes to that xD.

    Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it! Does the device that reports the 0x124 error have any significance?
  6. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    It probably is about to fail or is in distress due to some other reasons (several of which were pointed in my last post).
  7. Marcbmann

    Marcbmann TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I passed OCCT. I ran the GPU Memtest as well and passed. That thing was scary.... My 470 got a little toasty.

    BTW, since making this thread and doing all this testing my computer has yet to BSOD. Hmmm...
  8. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Cool, so the most expensive part along with CPU off-course is ok :)

    Keep a close eye, probably item 3 and 6 may have to do something with it.

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