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random BOOT FAILURE SYSTEM HALTED error among other problems

By raebees
Aug 1, 2005
  1. ok guys, i apologize in advance for the long post, if you dont want to read it then dont, just ignore it... if you do want to read it the reason its so long is because i wanted to give the full picture so you could get all the history on the problem(s) and maybe have a better solution with everything in mid.

    i have been running 2000 Pro for several years on the pc i built with no problems but had ben wanting to upgrade the os. The other day while i was at work and my boyfriend was home he sent me several instant messages throughout the day saying my pc had crashed to a blue screen, but since he is not as technically inclined as i am (which isnt saying much, lol) i told him to turn it off and i would mess with it later. so upon investigating i couldnt exactly figure out the problem. it had done 3 memory dumps, all 3 different errors... one seemed to be my nic, another involved my video card, etc. so i thought my mb may be on its last leg. so i figured this would be as good a time as ever to upgrade and do some 'work' on it.

    so i wiped my hd, setup new partitions & reformatted and did a clean install of xp pro. had to install 3 times b/c i kept getting errors saying it couldnt copy the files from the disk, press enter to retry, etc and after pressing enter about 5 times (lol) it would crash to blue screen, but again each time the message pointed towards a different problem.

    so after reading up on the install problems i ended up physically disconnecting/uninstalling my sound card, nic, 2nd hd, and 2nd cd drive so all i had was video, main hd and 1 cd drive then the installation went beautifally.

    then after xp was installed the pc started crashing again and i determined this time it was xp and my video card driver not getting along and simply reinstalling it (and modifying the registry in one attempt) did not help, so i reinstalled xp AGAIN. this time it was perfect, no 'problems' so i reinstalled sound and network card, etc, did all my updates, reinstalled WoW =) HOWEVER, i did notice it was acting 'funny' while booting. I would see the POST messages, no beep though, then it would go to a black screen with flashing cursor in top left corner for a 'long' time.
    then it would go BACK to the post info, as if it were rebooting?, then i heard the lovely 1 beep, then back to the cursor screen again, then continue to boot normally... not a big deal as it would eventually boot, but something obviously wasnt right.

    i shut down the pc to disconnect the cables (power, mouse, keyboard, etc) so i could move it back into place, since i had it out in the middle of the room to work on it, and when i booted it back up my hd was making a terrible squealing/grinding noise and i see "BOOT FAILURE: SYSTEM HALTED"... wonderful. at this point i merely pressed reset and it booted up fine (well, no noise and it went through the same process as described previously)

    i shut it down, opened it back up and basically took everything apart, cleaned it, looked at all the connections and cables, double checked all the jumpers, etc, and put it all back together again. booted up fine again. so i had been using it since then with no problems whatsoever. i rebooted last night and got the BOOT FAILURE: SYSTEM HALTED message, pressed reset, and it booted right back up again.

    now im not stupid, i know the terrible noise was not a good thing and the boot failure message is indicitive, among other things, of a bad hd, but could someone maybe elaborate on this a bit? as far as, the booting 'sequence' if you will my pc is performing being odd, the noise i heard, the random boot failure message, etc... but with all of that in mind, i am having absolutely no performance issues while the pc is actually running and in use, so i am curious as to what i should do next... should i just scrap the hd now before i bother filling it with data again (i really just have the basics on there now)? or should i wait and see what happens? does this mean my hd is as good as dead at this point? i ranscan disk last night and it found nothing wrong and i ran checkdisk before i left for work today so i will see what that found when i get home.

    i have not yet tried a new IDE cable, i should probably try this, huh?

    thanks in advance for any help.... and thanks for reading
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,452   +6

    Since you are having problems during the POST then it is definently malfunctioning hardware.

    First thing, run the memory test from www.memtest.org
    Check your system temperature.
    Have you added any hardware that could be too much for your PSU?
  3. raebees

    raebees TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the help... i have not run a memory test in quite a while. i ran the intel active pro monitor (something along those lines) which indicates the temperature is fine. i havent added any new hardware in about 6 months, which was a cdrw, but currently i have disconnected my other cd drive and my 2nd hd... but now that you mention it, several days before installing xp or having any of the problems i mentioned in the previous post, my pc decided to randomly reboot itself several times in one evening, as though it had lost power =/ my monitor went out at the same time so i presumed my ups was going bad (its about 3-4 years old so i suppose its about time, its not a very high end one). i plugged them both into another ups and the rebooting stopped... but after testing out the previous ups i found nothing 'wrong' so i plugged them back into it and the thought crossed my mind to replace the psu, howver, the rebooting prob never came back. there have been too many variables here, lol. i think it may be time to rebuild. luckily i have many other parts to play switcheroo with so at some point i need to take some time and do some serious troubleshooting. in the meantime i thought there would be no harm in posting my toubles here to see if anyone could help.

    thanks again! i will try to mem test after work
  4. raebees

    raebees TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well, the issue "randomly" stopped or so i thought.

    i didnt figure out what had happened until i made the same mistake again... a misplaced jumper. thats all it was!!

    at least the boot failure problem anyway. i had the jumper set to "master w/ slave present" (which is a lame setting is you ask me) for some reason i had it set to that, but i had my other drives disconnected at the time, so there was no slave present.

    anyway, removing the jumper solved that problem.
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