Random FPS drops in games

By Malte
Feb 16, 2018
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  1. So I bought a new PC about a month ago

    Specs :

    GTX 1050 Ti

    Intel i5 processor 7400

    Im playing CS:GO at 250-300 FPS and PUBG at about 60-100 FPS but now after about a month with this PC Im starting to have problems with extreme Frame drop and sound bugs.
  2. delrey

    delrey TS Booster Posts: 157   +44

    How much memory do you have? If you 'only' have 8GB, make sure you have background programs limited.
    Have you checked your temperatures?
    What is your current drivers?
    Have you installed any programs recently that could affect the performance?
    While you're at it, provide the full specs of the machine or the model number if it's a pre-built.

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