Razer launches the Ornata V2 mecha-membrane keyboard with dedicated media keys


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In brief: Razer's refresh of the 2017 Ornata mecha-membrane keyboard isn't exactly groundbreaking, but the inclusion of dedicated media controls, improved cable routing, and software tweaks are a welcome addition to the V2, now on sale for $99.99.

Razer's idea of putting hybrid mecha-membrane switches on the Ornata was certainly unique, even if the approach divided opinion into two camps. Some liked its combination of soft typing and clicky keys, especially those accustomed to membrane or rubber domes, while others used to full-on gaming mechanical keyboards disliked it for the same reason and also because of its price. There is, of course, a third camp of keyboard enthusiasts, who dismiss the idea of a gaming keyboard entirely.

With that said, it all comes down to personal preference, and those curious about the new Ornata will be pleased to know that it now features dedicated media keys on top of the numeric keypad. These replace the LED indicators (lock keys, macro, and gaming mode), which are now located above the arrow keys.

There's also a grippy infinite scroll wheel next to the media keys that can also be pressed down like a switch. Unlike the previous model that initially launched with green-backlit keys, the V2 only comes in RGB flavor powered by Razer Chroma with support for Ambient Awareness, Audio Meter, and Wheel lighting effects enabled through Razer Synapse 3.

The V2 also has new cable routing that pushes the wire out the back in all three positions, replacing the older's configuration of letting it out on either side or through a single slot on the rear.

In terms of what the newer model carries over from the original Ornata, there's its plastic build, mecha-membrane keys, the soft magnetic wrist rest, and the usual gamer-oriented features like 1000Hz Ultrapolling, alongside support for N-key rollover, macros, custom profiles, and key bindings.

The Ornata V2 is now available to buy from Razer's official website priced at $99.99. It also comes with a 2-year warranty.

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Hmmmmm ..... nice but still a bit pricey as compared to other mechanical keyboards on the market.

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On SALE, only $99.99

I got the Black Widow Elite On SALE, for $99.99

Black Widow Elite >
Tip #1: Use a rat-tail file to widen the top of the cable slot at the topmost (narrow) point so the cable stays in the slot

Tip #2: Add small neodymium magnets to the front of the keyboard so the wrist rest stays in place (Razer cheaped out again)
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