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Jan 31, 2009
  1. I recently purchased 256mb(2x128mb) of RDR Ram from amazon.com. I'm using a Dell Dimension 8250 with an intel 850e motherboard. My problem is that the RAM I bought is 45ns ram and the manual says it requires 40ns or faster to work. I only realized after I tried to install it that 45ns is actually SLOWER than 40ns... So, my question is, is there some way to force the computer to accept the 45ns RAM. I was thinking maybe a bios update or something along that line. The ram is compatible in every other way accept what I mentioned. Any help is appreciated.
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    45NS RDRAM will work with the Dell 8100, 8200, and 8250. What failure indications are you getting? What error messages?

    We have lots of them on our service route with nary a problem.

    I suspect your memory is bad... rather than slow... unless you are mixing modules of various speeds on the same computer... or that you have a 1066 board instead of an 800

    PC800 or PC1066 RDRAM (non-ECC)

    Memory connectors four

    Memory capacities 64-, 128-, 256-, and 512-MB non-ECC

    Minimum memory 128 MB

    Maximum memory 2 GB for PC800 1.5 GB for PC1066

    Memory type: PC 1066 (non-ECC) only on computers with a 533-MHz system clock speed

    PC 800 (non-ECC) on computers with either a 400- or a 533-MHz system clock speed

    Memory speed PC800 40 ns or faster

    PC1066 32 ns or faster

    BIOS address F8000h
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    The error message that I get will say "Unsuporrted memory in Rimm's 3 & 4(or wherever else I put the RAM). This system has been halted" That may not be it exactly, but it's something along those lines. I just realized with your post however, that the memory is ECC. So, I suppose that is my problem. Therefore, I guess my new question is whether or not I can force the motherboard to accept the ECC RAM. Is there some way to maybe run it in a non ECC mode. I would really like to keep and use this RAM if at all possible. I only paid $20 for the RAM on amazon and RDR RAM is extremely expensive. One more question though is, why is it so expensive anyway? Any help is greatly appreciated
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    Your memory modules are likely the problem.
    The reason RDRAM is so expensive, is that there is none... It has not been manufactured for years and due to court decisions, it cannot be manufactured.
    The RDRAM was the coming thing when it first came out... It was expensive to make, but it worked better than anything available at the time. The makers quickly became very rich.
    But some illegalities were discovered... I cannot remember what... but I think they had to do with patten infringement or misrepresentation of the existing memory design. The designers and makers were taken to court where they lost bigtime for fraud and theft, and manufacturing of their design was shut down for good and forever... no time to stockpile.
    Dell had RDRAM on about 12 machines, as did HP, Compaq, and Gateway.
    The fix requires a new motherboard, and that is the best way to deal with it. You can buy a Dell GX 620, GX 260, GX 270, or GX 280 that will usually fit... and there are other Dell boards that will fit... They are found on eBay and PCSurplusonline for $70 to $130... depending on your lucky day... then Regular DDR and DDR2 memory will fit up to 2 GB for cheap prices.
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    I believe my uncle is going to give me his old computer soon, so making the RAM work isn't a super high objective right now. It's amazing to me however, that my parents paid about $600 to $800 for the Dell, and my uncle had his friend build his for about $350 and his computer delivers twice the performance mine does, is only 1 year newer, and is much more expandable than mine. I think I'll probably build my own computers from now on.
  6. raybay

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    Thousands upon thousands of people built computers from scratch using the RDRAM motherboards.... nobody knew. Their problem is the same as yours... only worse. Dell still supports that computer, if you buy the memory from them.
    Anybody who built their own board with RDRam has to pay an average of $250 for memory upgrades.
    Do not blame Dell... it was not Dell's fault. It was the courts and the crooks.
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    RD ram is essentially proprietary and obsolete. You will need to get it directly from the pc maker or find it online specifically made for your system. It was an experimental idea at the time, but it never caught on. Read the ram guide in the guides forum.
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