Real difficulty uninstalling Windows Live Messenger

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For a couple of days now i've been trying to get rid of Windows Live Messenger as it doesn't work so that i can re-install it. (OS: Vista)
Couldn't find it in control panel > uninstall/change programs so i just went to the Windows Live folder and tried a Shift + Delete to just get rid of the program completely.
One problem is that it wont let me delete all of the files (relating to the photo gallery and contacts) - saying that i dont have permission even though i'm the admin.
Another problem is that even though (as far as i can see) all of the files relating to the messenger have gone - when i run the installer it says that its already installed so i cant re-install it!
Any help is greatly appreciated


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Download and install the freeware Ccleaner. Use it to clean your registry of entries your simple deletion of folders and files has left behind. See if it will install after that.
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still no jot im afraid
installed and ran Ccleaner and another registry cleaner and tried to re-install windows live but the installer still thinks that live is already installed and doesnt give me the option to uninstall/re-install
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