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Sep 24, 2002
  1. I just bought this thing and it seems to work fine for mpegs and divx5 and better. In the review on this site it said something about unregistering a file to allow it to play regular .avi I was wondering how to go about doing this since most of my movies are in .avi format
  2. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I think this is the command you'll need:

    regsvr32 /u
  3. TS | Thomas

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    No, it can't play AVIs, that was the problem - it *tried* to play them rather than allowing some other player to do so. You'd just get a blank screen with it. Unregistering the file fixed it until new drivers do.

    By AVI files I mean AVI files, not DivX files with the *.avi file extension.
  4. mansa

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    Well all I really need to do is have a card that mirrors whats on my screen. Should I send this back and get something else? If so, what cards are good for playing plain avi (not divx) and mpeg? Basically, I just need to play the TMD movies I dload from IRC
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    Plain avi can mean so many things.. AVI files can contain video & audio encoded with just about any codec. If you need X-Card just for tv-out, then I'd say it's easier to get a gfx card with dual display connectors or with tv-out.
  6. TS | Thomas

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    If that what you want you'd want a graphics card with multiple VGA outputs &/or TV out. Course the TV output won't be as good as with the Xcard but the Xcard doesn't seem to suit what you actually will be playing or want displayed with it.
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