realtek AC97 audio problem

By Yann
May 12, 2007
  1. Hi friends,

    Well, i have a new computer, i pluged in correctly my mixer to the line in and out on the one hand and to my receiver on the other hand, when i try to record with cool edit pro ( adobe audition) i can record without any problems on one track. But when i try to record a second track all what was oin track one is also recorded on track 2 .
    Why does track 1 get recorded on track 2 when I try to listen and record at the same time in Cool Edit Pro?
    my sound card is the basic one from windows ( realtek AC97 audio problem )
    when i go in the options of the soundcard, in the record section, i can only choose from the list stereo mix or SPDIF . I think that if it stays on the stereo mix this is the reason why it record everything...


    Please help
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