Realtek device not showing / Audio only from Nvidia

Hi, I know this happened before but I can't fix and probably have red most of the attempts on the web.

I just bought Asus Strix B450-I and Ryzen 5 3600X. My problem is my mobo has integrated audio but no device is showing in device manager. I've installed the drivers in any sequence with every possible reboot. I've tried with an updated version of Windows or an offline one. I've disabled the onboard audio device and re-enabled in bios without success (bios had latest build but I reflashed with a fresh downloaded one).
Under sound and game controller I've Nvidia audio. Under sound input output nothing.
So far the pc runs flawless except for that. Plugging jacks does nothing.

Maybe I've touched the wrong parts when installing and burned it...
I've lost few hours of sleep and I'm about to ask the reseller assistance for an rma or a swap. Any ideas before I give up?



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