Realtek HD audio input problem when trying to record with Sf9

By Dx3
Nov 8, 2010
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  1. hello,

    i cant record anything with Soundforge 9 because off echo.
    before i could record for exemple music i made with fruityloops directly to soundforge 9 now it is impossible with the new mainboard and a realtek audio onboard device.
    i choose "stereo mix" as source since it is the only possibility to record directly what goes through the soundcard but the sound is echoing and repeats itself.
    on my old motherboard i managed to record my music that way now it is impossible.
    i still can record youtube for exemples using the windows default recording thingy but since it is limited to 60sec that doesnt quite help me recording myself mixing.
    anyone has an idea on how i could fix this so it works normaly again plz ?
    plz dont direct me to sony froums, i went there allready and there is nearly no support.
  2. Dx3

    Dx3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i finaly got it working on quite a weird way :S. i use the asio4all drivers wich results in being now able to record the sound but not being able to hear it afterwards (only in SF9) without switching back the settings evrytime im done with recording.
    in audacity i dont have this problem , it records without echo and without switching anything curiosly, only problem is the GUI wich i dont like.
    at least i dont have this friggin echo anymore when i record myself.

    still looking for a solution without all the switching though

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