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"Reboot and select proper boot device" error

By snuffXdub
Jul 30, 2011
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  1. ...which i have yet to find a solution to after four hours of scouring the tubes.

    i finally got all the pieces of my new computer together:

    new HW:
    msi mainboard k9n6pgm2-v2
    amd athlon II x2 255
    2048mb RAM
    nvidia geforce gt 430
    1x sata LG multi drive
    1x sata 80gb drive (not new, but unused)

    old HW:
    2x IDE 80gb drives
    1x IDE cd+r/w

    the old hw works fine when plugged into my old computer, boots, etc. never had any issues with them at all except the cd drive sticks sometimes.

    i've set jumpers correctly, all cables are seated properly, both the SATA HD and the SATA multi-drive power up and seem to work correctly, as do both IDE drives and the IDE disk drive.

    the BIOS recognizes all components installed, and i've set my boot sequence to boot from only the IDE disk drive, and in another attempt, only the SATA disk drive, still get the same error.

    i've connected the old HD with the old XP os installed on it, and it gives me boot options, you know safe mode w/ or w/o command prompt etc. or start windows normally, but obviously as the OS was installed with another MB, gfx card, etc. it would blue screen on me and reboot the computer.

    the manufacturer screen for the mainboard appears normally.

    any combination of IDE or SATA HD's has been tried.

    the only thing i haven't tried that i have seen on the web is removing the video card, but i fail to see where that would affect the computers' ability to recognize the CD in the disk drive.

    Also, the only copy of windows xp pro I have at the moment is a burned copy. i have a product key set for my new computer.... and i have used this same copy to install onto my younger siblings' computer and had no problems at all.

    now if I am completely ignorant to a fact like part or most of my computer will not run XP please forgive me, but it seems like even if that were the case the computer would still try and boot with the CD inserted.

    any help at all would be greatly appreciated, and thank you for taking the time to help me out... snuffXdub

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