reboot and select proper boot device....

By rcox.15
Jul 31, 2007
  1. ok, now ive searched forums all through the web. ive asked people, and done everything i can, and no one has found or can tell me the answer to my problem. they just look at me and say, you have the worst luck ever. anyways, heres my problem.

    i JUST had XP reinstalled, and my friend did it for me. My computer was working JUST fine in his room, nothing wrong, everything responding, good to go. I walked down the hall, maybe 20 feet, hooked the computer up in my room, and every time i boot it up it tells me "reboot and select proper boot device, or enter media device and blah blah blah" why the hell is this happening? there is nothing in the floppy, nothing in the cd, and NOTHING SHOULD BE FRIGGIN WRONG WITH THIS>!$#@KLJB. im about to snap, and ive already thrown my keyboard across the room because this kinda crap has been happening to me for 3 weeks now with this friggin computer and im ready to just throw it out my god damn window. someone tell me whats wrong please.
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