Rebooting problem due to applications using microphone

By diboy_1027
Sep 30, 2006
  1. I have a very big problem with my PC. Whenever I use an application that uses a microphone hardware my pc reboots. and an error msg appears saying "a serious error has occured", when it has logged on back to windows. I can't use MSN messenger webcam, Yahoo conference and yahoo call. Even the speech application in the control panel I can't even open it, and also whenever i "test hardware" in the Voice area of the sound and audio devices in the control panel, my computer immediately reboots. I have tried looking at the Device Manager for my "sound, video and game controllers", there is no driver which has an x mark or an exclamation point beside it, they all say "the device is working properly in the Device Status inside the Properties. I also have tried updating my audio driver by downloading the audio driver of my motherboard from the Support area of the Intel website but the same problem still occurs... I hope you guys could really help me... What shall i do?

    Here are the specs of my pc:
    System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Proc: Intel Pentium 4 Cpu 3.2 Ghz
    512 ddr Ram
    Motherboard: Intel D915GAGL
    VIDEO cARD: Inno3D GEFORCE 6600 256ddr 128bit
  2. fr0stasdell

    fr0stasdell TS Rookie

    The microphone Apllication is compatible with your OS? try unistalling your mic and going to to see if they have a different audio driver than what you installed... try emachines web site..
    they might have a different driver or the newest one out for you. Make sure you make a system restore point just incase it messes up again..

    Ya the device status will always say working properly when you go to it in device manager...

    then go to the Company Brand Name website for help with there Mic if you still recive an error message..
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