Reboots by itself

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Sep 23, 2007
  1. help i don't know what the problem is... the computer reboots suddenly by itself. its really frustrating... there's no pattern... it just randomly reboots. please help... i have attached the dumps
  2. gbhall

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    The reasons for this behaviour are many and various. Without your computer specification one cannot even start to guess. For instance, certain brands of intel processor protect themselves against overheating by just cutting out.

    In other cases the power supply does similar things. We need as well as the dumps, (which may or may not prove helpful) your PC spec, including the make and power supply rating. Please supply all this. You may need to test memory and hard disc using free download programmes, and it would help us to give you suitable instructions if you told us how experienced you are with testing.
  3. arialph

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    ah i'm very sorry.... been a while since i posted here... forgot the format.

    Here's my specs:

    Intel 820 Pentium D processor
    Asus P5VD2-MX-SE motherboard
    2pcs 512mb ram
    550Watt powersupply
    2pcs SATA Hard drive

    I tested it for stress, it passed. Ran multiple applications at the same time...
  4. matav

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    considering u r using Windows XP SP2:
    to disable the random restarts and get a BSOD instead...
    open "My Computer"
    right-click on "My Computer"
    click on "Properties"
    go to "Advanced" tab
    under "Startup and Recovery" click "Settings"
    under "System Failure"
    uncheck "Automatically restart"
    now you will know which file is causing the system to crash.
    btw...i cant read dump files
  5. arialph

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  6. Jase123

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    have you done what matav said so you will get a bsod (blue screen of death).
    Then read what it says.

    Regards Jase
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