Rebuilt PC - help needed to get running

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Sep 17, 2008
  1. Grateful for any advice. I have taken the mobo out of my PC as there was a problem and replaced it with a Gigabyte 7NF-RZ, then put in the working old parts - 2 gig compatible RAM, a 256mb Leadtek video card, and Athlon XP 2.2 CPU, and connected up my 2 old harddrives running XP.

    I tried starting up and saw it seemed to regard the cpu as the 1.2 Duron which preceded my 2.2, also saw the video card description text then up comes the screen offering safe mode/normal startup etc, and whatever I choose the PC restarted itself, repeatedly getting to that point.

    The content of the hard drives are loseable so if this needs a complete clear out and fresh load of windows fine, but do you have any suggestions as to good next steps to get this going?
  2. kimsland

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  3. Klinsmann

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    Thanks - I'll give it a go.
  4. Klinsmann

    Klinsmann TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Windows has been repaired - thanks for the good advice. However, the CPU is listed as 1.25ghz - the same as the Duron in the board before now. However, the board now has an Athlon XP 2.2, so how do I get it recognised correctly?

    There is a chance it is a 2.6 in fact - I'm sure it registered as that in the first machine I had it in, but perhaps it had been overclocked or I'm confused between the ghz reading and the 2.2/.6 rating Athlon XP's have.

    Be that as it may - the chip is much better than it says so does anyone have some more good advice?
  5. kimsland

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    It's in system BIOS (or CMOS or Setup) settings
    You change the detection to autodetect (in CPU) or you adjust the multiplier accordingly. Some even have a jumper near the Ram on the Motherboard that can be used to change it. (You may need your Motherboard Manual for all this)

    But CMOS can be got to by pressing the key (like DEL or F2 or some other key) when your computer first turns on (you have about 3seconds to press this key, to get into CMOS settings) Adjust it from in there.
  6. Klinsmann

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    Oh dear - I can't find any option in the CMOS (or BIOS etc) to auto detect the CPU. Bearing in mind this is a Gigabyte 7NF-RZ mobo. Is there another solution or even a free utility that I can use?
  7. CCT

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  8. Klinsmann

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    Thanks, CCT - used the switch, it worked, plus I discovered my chip was better than I thought, 2800XP, which will handle the last gen games I like happily enough.
  9. Klinsmann

    Klinsmann TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Very odd - my CPU was detected as 2800 xp yet is now detected as 2200 xp.

    Also when I tried a game there are dashes on the scren when the 3D starts working - though I hope there refreshing my video drivers will help.
  10. CCT

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    This is has been odd from the start - try a Repair Install, then add the chipset drivers again etc.

    Failing that, with the mobo jumper now correctly set, re-install the whole shebang!


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