Recommendations for iPhone backup file extractor?

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Jun 23, 2014
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  1. Hey All

    I'm helping my niece get all her photo backups organized and de-duped.

    She has many very large iPhone backup files on her Windows PC. I googled and found a few tools that say they can explore and extract media and files from iPhone backups. I wondered if anyone has some "hands-on" experience and personal recommendation for a tool to use to browse and extract files from iPhone backups on a PC

    Freeware is always nice, but not a requirement, if the tool is worth the price. Anyone have recommendations?
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  2. learninmypc

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    IF I'm understanding you correctly, your niece has these photos on her pc & she wants to get rid of the duplicates? If they are in separate folders, I've merged pics from other folders & ALWAYS get a pop up asking me what I want to do. IF I allow ALL to merge, there will be a number in (2), (3), showing how many of the original there are. I hope I haven't got you confused yet. If that is the case, your niece can simply delete the duplicated photos. Good luck. :)
  3. Cobalt006

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    From what I understanding, He asking for a software program. That will open her Iphone back ups in windows.:)
  4. learninmypc

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    I was reading this sentence "I'm helping my niece get all her photo backups organized and de-duped." & thought it was pictures. I know everytime I upload my pics, they're in a separate folder. We'll have to wait for a reply from OP. :)
  5. Cobalt006

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  6. Cobalt006

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  7. LookinAround

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    Thanks for the posts!

    1. Sorry for my vaguely worded post! I was looking for a tool to extract files from iPhone backups. (De-duping was then my secondary task)

    2. @Cobalt006 You're good! :) You picked the one I had chosen!

    I googled and found several different "extraction" tools out there that I looked at. Here's what I learned (for anyone who may read the thread in the future)

    > I didn't find any true freeware tools. Everything was trial-ware. (One product didn't even let you know it till you downloaded and tried using it!) But trial-ware at least let me look at product functionality and price

    > I chose iPhone Backup Extractor. At $25 it was the least expensive (others ran $40 - $60. One from EASUS was even more expensive!) iPhone Backup Extractor extracts all the files and does what I need for 25 bucks. That gets you a single licensed tied to your PC

    > One other advantage: Backup Extractor let's you browse to any folder where you placed the iPhone backup files (e.g. I downloaded my niece's backups from the cloud and put them all on my network drive). Some of the other tools only look at the folder where iTunes stores its backups. (I found that an inconvenient limitation). When iTunes creates a backup, it stores them in the folder below (and gives you no option to store them anywhere else)
    \Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ 
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  8. Cobalt006

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    Glad to hear this is what you could use. This is the tool My sister use for her I phone back ups. If I remember right. This is the one I found for here after searching around. She seems very pleased with. Hope it works out as good for you.
  9. Wanmksfer

    Wanmksfer TS Rookie

    I have attempted time and time again to do what was suggested to no avail.
  10. learninmypc

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    A 3 year old thread.
  11. Rothman

    Rothman TS Rookie

    Why no avail? I know there are still lots of iPhone Backup Extractor tools available on the market. And they all almost offer a free trial version for you to preview the extractable files in iTunes backup. And I also successfully tried one of these. So what's your problem?

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